About us

Laure Bury, Sally O’Neill, Angela Smith and Katy Stoneman came together with the idea of forming a supportive and active band of artists to go out and paint in the wild……en plein air!

“We realised we all felt the emotional power of the moor and that we all responded in our own way to its landscapes, colours, shapes, and textures. Working together and sharing these passions creates a new dynamic in our work.”

Who are we?

Katy is a passionate landscape artist taking direct inspiration from her surroundings.  Having spent her childhood in the South West she has always been drawn to painting the Moors and Coast.  She uses colour to explore the joy of a particular moment in a landscape.

“Working predominately with a pallet knife I love to work ‘en plein air’ and in my studio capturing the ever-changing mood of my surrounding environment.”

Laure Bury is a Devon-based artist known for her landscapes, seascapes and colour compositions with butterflies and wild flowers. Her work is exhibited nationally and internationally.


Laure has travelled the world for inspiration but sometimes simply finds it in her own cottage garden on the edge of Dartmoor. She says that to create a picture is a process "like a dance, with loose and broad movements, splashing, scratching and watching the painting evolve almost by itself; evoking the beauty of nature. The message is peaceful and invites the viewers to rejoice in life”.

Sally comes from an architectural background which explains her response to the places, shapes and structures of Dartmoor and the surrounding valleys. She particularly enjoys the winter field boundaries and the trees stripped back to their skeletal structures bounding across the landscape.

“My work is neither figurative nor abstract. Perhaps ‘graphic’ and ‘colourist’ best describe it.”

Angela has dabbled in arty pursuits most of her working life at home and overseas.
Now living 1000ft above sea level between the beautiful moody moors and farmland overlooking the Tamar Valley from her studio.
The surroundings are an inspiration for much of her work but she also experiments with different tools and materials developing exciting new ways to express her passion for painting.